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Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency

State Govt Agency under Department of Energy

Biomass Power Generation

Biomass Power:

  • 1 to 7.5 MW

Biomass Cogeneration:

  • Except Sugar Industry: Up to 7.5 MW
  • Both for Sugar & Non-Sugar Industry: Alone 7.5 MW

Normally, JREDA sanctions a project within 90 days of registration of the same, provided complete details / papers are submitted by the applicant and the project is found viable from technical, financial and legal point of view.

For security requirements please refer to Security (Project Financing Scheme) of JREDAs Financial Guidelines.

For eligibility requirements please refer to the General Eligibility Conditions of JREDAs Financial Guidelines.

Project should have been registered with JREDA. Detailed project report along with cost estimates etc and clarifications requested by JREDA should have been submitted / clarified.

Yes, Consultants, who are involving in the power sector, are preferred.

Biomass Power:

  • The projects having capacity of 1 to 7.5 MW with minimum steam generation pressure of 63 ata are eligible.

Biomass Cogeneration:

  • Small scale Cogenration Projects (except sugar industries ) up to 7.5 MW installed capacity with steam generation pressure of 63 ata are eligible.
  • The projects having above 7.5 MW installed capacity (both for sugar and non-sugar industry) with steam generation pressure of 63 ata are eligible.

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