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1. 10/JREDA/PMU/21-22 Technical corrigendum of NIB No. NIB No. 10/JREDA/PMU/21-22 for Engagement of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA), Ranchi. 22-10-2021 27-10-2021 View
2. 12/JREDA/GCRT/RC/21-22 Date and Other Corrigendum of NIB No. 12/JREDA/GCRT/RC/21-22 19-10-2021 27-10-2021 View
3. 09/JREDA/SHMLS/21-22 Date and Other Corrigendum of NIB No. 09/JREDA/SHMLS/21-22 19-10-2021 27-10-2021 View
4. 10/JREDA/PMU/21-22 BID DEADLINE EXTENSION NOTICE Corrigendum-I Tender Reference No. : 10/JREDA/PMU/21-22 08-10-2021 27-10-2021 View
5. 09/JREDA/SHMLS/21-22 Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 200 nos. LED Based Solar High Mast Lighting System Including 5 years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) at Public Places & Government Campuses in the state of Jharkhand 18-09-2021 20-10-2021 View
6. 11/JREDA/SHWS/21-22 Empanelment of Agencies for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Solar Hot Water System (SHWS) Including 5 Year CMC in the State of Jharkhand 18-09-2021 20-10-2021 View
7. 07/JREDA/SPV/SSLs (LED)/21-22 BID DEADLINEEXTENSION NOTICE 07/JREDA/SPV/SSLs (LED)/21-22 20-09-2021 28-09-2021 View
8. 06/JREDA/GCRT/RC/21-22 NIB Cancellation Notice NIB No : 06/JREDA/GCRT/RC/21-22 15-09-2021 16-09-2021 View
9. 02/JREDA/SPV/AIRPORT/21-22 BID DEADLINE EXTENSION NOTICE - 02/JREDA/SPV/AIRPORT/21-22 08-09-2021 21-09-2021 View
10. 07/JREDA/SPV/SSLs (LED)/21-22 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning including 5 years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) of 12W White LED based Solar Street Lighting Systems (SSLSs) with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery under Solar Photovoltaic Programme on Turnkey basis across the state of Jharkhand. 24-08-2021 20-09-2021 View