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Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency

State Govt. Agency under Department of Energy

Agriculture Demand Side Management

In Energy Sector and Power sector, Agricultural Demand side Management (AgDSM) consists of those activities, methodologies, awareness, policy and technologies that influence consumer (farmers) behavior and Changes their (farmers) consumption patterns.
The objective of the AgDSM programme is to reduce peak demand, shift the time during which electricity is consumed to off peak hours and to reduce the total quantum of consumption.


The AgDSM proposition is very simple i.e. replacement of inefficient agricultural pump sets with BEE star rated and high efficiency pump sets to reduce the amount of electricity needed to pump water in agriculture sector. By doing so, electricity usage can be reduced. If the savings from the reduction in electricity usage can be sustained and the total cost of the electricity saved exceeds the total installed cost of the pump sets over its useful life, there will be a net economic gain.


JREDA activity under Agricultural Demand Side Management

Conducted Energy Audits and preparation of DPRs at four number of Rural Drinking water pumping system sites (Chandil R.W.S.S, Hazari- Khudgadha R.W.S.S, Kapli R.W.S.S and Konbir R.W.S.S Jharkhand) under PHED/ DW&S (AgDSM) Scheme.



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