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Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency

State Govt Agency under Department of Energy

What is RPO ?


Under Section 86(1) (e) of the Electricity Act 2003 ("EA 2003") and the National Tariff Policy 2006, Renewable purchase obligation (RPO), is a mechanism by which the obligated entities are obliged to purchase certain percentage of electricity from Renewable Energy sources, as a percentage of the total consumption of electricity. RPOs are categorized as Solar and Non Solar RPO. With the objective to achieve the target of 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030, including solar energy capacity of 280 GW, Ministry of Power (MoP) have notified the target RPO trajectory up to year 2029-30 and JSERC have notified the target RPO trajectory up to year 2023-24. The RPO targets specified for solar and non-solar power are to be adhered and met uniformly by the Obligated Entities. Obligated Entities (which includes Discoms, Open Access Consumers and Captive power producers) are obligated to purchase a minimum share of their electricity from renewable energy sources as per RPO targets.






  • To establish a centralized monitoring mechanism for RPO compliance through a web-based portal for all states and Union territories.



  • To enlist obligated entities and assess their RPO compliance



  • To ease-out the process of monitoring the RE transactions of obligated entities



  • To develop database which would become a tool for SERCs to audit RPO compliance



  • To enhance transparency in RPO compliance process



  • Create user interfaces for obligated entities to provide data on RE purchase



  • Create user interfaces for monitoring agencies to cross-verify the data provided by obligated entities



  • Prepare database for the system and analytics modules to analyze the effectiveness of the RPO regulations in the states.



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